Haumitanga Ahu Matua

Primary Sector Investments

Forestry – Rotomā and Otamarakau

Rotomā No 1 Incorporation own a commercial forest estate of approximately 1488 hectares. This includes 1268 hectares planted on our corpus whenua adjacent to Lake Rotomā and a freehold forest of approximately 219 hectares at Otamarakau.

These forest have entered the second rotation under Rotomā No 1 Incorporations ownership, with the different blocks being established between 2015 – 2021. Harvest of these trees is expected to occur after 2040.  


Horticulture – Mātai Pacific Iwi Collective (MPIC)

Located in Te Puke, Rotomā No 1 owns a 33% shareholding in Mātai Pacific Iwi Collective Limited Partnership (MPIC), alongside other shareholders Te Arawa Group Holdings and Ngāti Awa Group Holdings. The three orchards comprise of approximately 97 heactares of kiwifruit, with 60% of the orchards being gold and the remaining 40% green.

The initial purchase was made in 2018 and has been a very good investment for Rotomā No 1 both in terms of growth and providing a regular dividend back to shareholders.

Rotomā No 1 has a small shareholding in Miro. Miro is a collective of Māori food producers, that combine ancient traditions and values handed down by our ancestors, with modern technology and science, to produce great tasting, premium produce for the world. Miro are passionate about growing on Māori-owned land and creating work and career opportunities in horticulture for our people.

In 2018, Rotomā invested in Waiū, a dairy milk factory that specialises in milk powders. This investment sees 11 other Māori entities collectivise with Cedenco a specialty food producer from Japan. For Rotomā, it’s a new area of diversification into the production of specialty milk powders for specialty markets.

Haumitanga Tūwāhi

Property Investments

Ground Leases

Rotomā No 1 has a portfolio of 145 ground leases for residential purposes. These properties are in Rotomā and provide a sustainable revenue to the incorporation.


Development Property

Rotomā No 1 own a site at 1188 Arawa street in Rotorua which it is planning to develop for commercial opportunities. In the interim this site is being used for parking in the Rotorua CBD and provides a net revenue of approximately $80k per annum.


RML Development Trust

Rotomā is part of this collaboration with other Ngāti Pikiao entities which owns commercial properties in Rotorua and Hamilton.


Te Tumu Whakatupu Ltd – Ngāti Toa

In May 2022, Rotomā committed $5m dollars as secondary lenders alongside Fisher Funds into a transaction which supported Ngāti Toa to purchase 40 schools in their rohe. These properties were offered to Ngāti Toa as a deferred settlement and are secured by long term leases back to the Ministry of Education.



The overall transaction was valued at $368m with the primary funders being the large NZ banks, however Rotomā was the only Māori entity to invest in the kaupapa. At the IFINZ awards in May 2023, this particular transaction won debt deal of the year. 

Tahua Taurima

Private Equity and Managed Funds

Rotomā’s largest private equity investment is in Te Pūia Tāpapa which is an investment vehicle that includes 26 Iwi and Māori entities from across the motu. Te Pūia Tāpapa has made investments into a portfolio of four companies TR Group, Avanti Finance, Asia Pacific Healthcare Group, and Evolution Healthcare alongside other partners including the NZ Super Fund.

In addition to Te Pūia Tāpapa, Rotomā No 1 also has diversified fund portfolios with Craigs Investment Partners and ANZ.

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