Te Pae Tawhiti me ngā Mātāpono

Our Mission, Vision, Values

Rotomā No. 1 Incorporation (Rotomā) was established in 1908 by the Māori Land Court to administer the 6,637 acres on the shore of Lake Rotomā known as the Rotomā No. 1 Block. An initial register of 207 owners has now grown to over 2,400.

The operations of Rotomā have been largely dedicated to the forestry industry initially by way of leasing the native forest cutting rights. By 1995 much of the forestland was replanted with pinus radiata by Tenon. After lengthy negotiations, Rotomā was able to confirm the purchase of the forest from Tenon in 2005 and now anticipate a successful and highly profitable harvest over the next few years.

Farming was also pursued at different times on the Rotomā block, generally without much success. The returns from farming did not compare well to other regions and after suffering significant stock and financial losses from drought, farming operations were discontinued in the 1980s.

From the late 1950s the Committee of Management (CoM) took advantage of an opportunity to subdivide and lease lakefront residential sections along the Rotomā lake edge. Several development phases to create more sections took place over the next few decades and there are currently 147 leases that continue to generate a reliable and steady income stream for Rotomā today. Rotomā also has commercial rental investments in Rotorua township that provide good returns.

Rotomā is also fortunate to have geothermal fields beneath its lands and, since the early 1990s, have been investing heavily in the development of a geothermal power station to utilise this unique resource. Rotomā is poised to undertake a significant geothermal joint venture with other neighbouring land blocks and once it comes to fruition the investment will provide a prosperous future for Rotomā and its shareholders.

Rotomā recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary and the CoM is focussed on ensuring that the Incorporation has clear strategic direction to foster continued growth and prosperity for the shareholders for another 100 years.

Our Mission

Kia mau ki te whenua hei oranga mō te iwi

To protect, manage and enhance the Rotomā No. 1 Incorporation land and assets to the best advantage of the shareholders and their descendants.

Our Vision

Standing strong and proud on our whenua

The whenua sustains the hapū
Utilisation of all the whenua

All shareholders have a connection with the whenua
Increase the wealth of shareholders

Our Values

Rangatiratanga · Authority
Hiranga · Excellence
Whanaungatanga · Kinship
Kaitiakitanga · Guardianship
Whakamana te hapū · Empower the hapū
Whakapono · Integrity, honesty
Are you are a current shareholder OR beneficiary of Rotomā No.1 Incorporation OR a descendant of the nominated tupuna of a Whānau Trust?